15 Smart Ways From Semalt To Increase Your Website Traffic

It is generally accepted that getting a lot of traffic to your website is difficult and requires methodical work. However, there are always quick and smart methods you can apply to get more traffic in a relatively short amount of time.

And the reason you should seek to increase your website traffic is that more traffic will bring new people interested in the products and services you provide and thus increase your sales.

In the following article, we will analyze 15 smart methods with which you can increase the traffic of your website, e-shop or blog through specific internet marketing techniques.

The main sources from which you can bring traffic to your website

First of all, you need to keep in mind that 5 key resources can bring your website more traffic:

Content Marketing: By Content Marketing we mean the promotion of your website through any form of content (texts, articles, images), to attract new visitors who will find useful information on your website.

Email Marketing: Email is one of the most important tools in any modern business and can bring traffic to any market and type of website if used properly.

Social Media: People today use Social Media on a daily and superfluous basis. Take advantage of it and gain a strong presence in them.

Online Advertising: Whether through the Google platform or other sources, advertising is one of the key components of any business success.

Search Engine Optimization: We have already mentioned a lot on the subject of website promotion through SEO and how much it can help your business increase sales by increasing the rankings of relevant keywords in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

SMS Marketing: A bonus technique to bring traffic to your website! SMS marketing is a simple way to send bulk SMS and embed in the message a link to your website.

So after mentioning the main sources from which you can bring traffic to your website, let's look at 15 basic techniques that can help in this direction.

1. Rich In Keywords Content: Optimize your website content based on keywords

We mentioned in a previous article that finding keywords (keyword research) is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy.

So use keywords that are completely relevant to the object of your business. Over time, Google and other search engines will recognize your website or blog as an ideal destination for the topic it is dealing with, which will boost the website rankings and thus increase its traffic.

Do not try to immediately gain high rankings for the most "famous" keywords in your market. Although they may seem exciting and have a high search volume, it is very difficult to gain high rankings in a short period for them. On the other hand, Long Tail keywords are much less competitive and are the ones that will initially drive more traffic to your website. At the same time, Long Tail Keywords are the ones that have the highest conversion rate since they are completely relevant to your subject.

But how will your website rank high for some Long Tail Keywords?

Let's look at the following simple example:

Suppose you want to increase the ranking of your website in a market related to "handmade jewelry". Go to the Google search engine and type in the phrase "handmade jewelry". Towards the end of the first page, Google suggests some Long Tail Keywords that although which, although having a lower search volume (traffic volume), are also less competitive. You can also use this powerful keywords tool to generate more specific keywords: it is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

So take advantage of this opportunity and focus on them first. You can focus on increasing rankings for some of these keywords by using the DSD and creating content with a central theme e.g. "Handmade jewellery with beads".

2. Creation Of Quality Content: Emphasize quality, not quantity

You may have heard the expression "Content is the king".

Try to write and publish useful articles as often as possible, but without compromising on quality. What attracts visitors to your website is not how often you publish a new post or article but how much they can find in it the information they are looking for.

You will notice e.g. that this blog does not publish articles every day. The reason is not that there are not many ideas and topics related to Internet Marketing to cover, but that each specific post must meet particular specifications, both in terms of content quality, but also in terms of general design and depth of information.

The more the content you create adheres to strict quality rules, the more likely you are to gain a positive visitor response and increase your website traffic.

3. Create A Blog: Feed your website with new content through a blog

Blogging is probably the most effective way to increase your website traffic. It allows you to delve into all the issues related to the object of your business and create authority around the specific market.

Through your blog, you can inform visitors about new techniques used in your field, new products on the market, how they will solve a problem or even a new unique offer launched by your business.

Do not write just to motivate visitors to buy. People love knowledge and free information. If you can give them answers to their questions or solutions to specific problems, then you will be able to make them regular visitors to your website who may in the future buy some of your services or products, having already recognized your business as an authority in the field.

When you start, it is difficult to gain online recognition. There are endless websites out there that drive in the same market as you. Make sure you stand out from the competition and find one method you can use to achieve this while increasing the response your website receives: This is Marketing by creating a blog.

4. User-Friendly Contents: Create content for users, not search engines

The content of your website should not be aimed at search engine optimization, but should be primarily useful to website visitors.

By creating content with educational, informative characters, that will solve a problem, you automatically improve the SEO of your website. You should therefore create content that solves questions, reveals a new technique or method, and motivates a new market.

The search engine optimization alone will not lead to any significant results as it usually lacks quality. Create content that people can only share and recommend to acquaintances to read.

Keep in mind that content creation is a difficult process that requires time, inspiration, knowledge and creativity, but in the long run, it can reward you and bring significant traffic to your website.

5. On-Page SEO: Website optimization with On-Page SEO techniques

If you are into Internet Marketing or trying to find ways to increase your website traffic, you have definitely heard the term On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is the optimization of the website in terms of the technical part so that it becomes easily accessible by search engines to increase its rankings for specific keywords.

But what are the most important factors for perfect on-page SEO? How exactly should your page be structured to have visible results in the SEO part?

You may have heard that you need to have the right meta descriptions, repeat the keyword often in the content, create rich snippets, etc.

So there are specific steps you need to follow to achieve the best possible result in On-Page SEO. We have created a list of the strongest elements for better On-Page SEO that you can use whenever you want to increase the rankings of a website.

6. Social Media: Increase website traffic through Social Media

Needless to say, the report on Social Media is important today. Most of us already have accounts on one or more social networks, interacting daily with other people and businesses.

Take care to strengthen your presence on Social Media, by creating a corporate page and networking with other companies and people who have common interests.

Social Media can be one of your top priorities every time you publish a new article or promotion on your website, so that you can make it known to a large number of people and get the opportunity to go viral in a short time.

7. Mobile-Friendly Website: Website Optimization for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

Today, more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. So if your website, e-shop, or blog is not optimized for mobile, you are missing out on a great opportunity to rank high on Google, as you do not allow users to have a good navigation experience and make them leave your website immediately.

Taking a look at data from Google Analytics, it is extremely interesting to note that even today many websites are not mobile-friendly.

In case you belong to this category, you should move directly to the construction of a website that will be fully responsive (i.e. it will rearrange its elements according to the size of each screen to offer a perfect navigation experience from mobile devices).

You can easily find out if your website is mobile-optimized by trying to access it from a mobile phone, while through Google Analytics statistics you can immediately see the Bounce Rate that it notes for users who visit it from mobile devices.

Going to a new mobile-optimized website will have a significant effect on increasing the traffic and time spent by users on your website. With a responsive design, you will stop worrying about whether your website is visible from any device and whether it adjusts to the size of each screen.

At the same time, mobile optimization is now a ranking criterion for Google, which means that you can get higher rankings if you optimize your website for smartphones and tablets.

8. Facebook Marketing: Facebook advertising campaigns

Paid traffic is the fastest way to bring new visitors to your website and increase your conversion rate.

So if you have an available initial budget, you can invest in Google AdWords or Facebook marketing campaigns and measure your advertising results. Free traffic from SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing is certainly preferable, but it can not be considered free if you think about the time you have to spend on it and the hard work you have to put in.

So starting with Facebook ads, you can advertise your products to a specific audience that has expressed specific interests. For example, if you are a doctor, you can advertise your practice to people who have expressed an interest in illnesses related to your subject, who are located close to your practice, or who are involved in groups related to the medicine you are dealing with.

You can also create separate ads on the same topic and try out different titles and banners to find out what works best for you.

Advertising through Facebook is a unique opportunity to find a targeted online audience and promote your product and services straightforwardly and repetitively.

9. Video Marketing: Creating Videos with informative or educational content

Creating video is not the easiest form of content, as it requires time and sometimes specialized knowledge.

However, if you can create a series of videos for your audience, it is certain that in the long run, this will pay off. You can create an explanatory or promotional video for your product as well as a video with a guide on how to solve a specific problem.

People love to watch videos rather than read, as it is a more engaging and exciting way to learn information about something new. The most common example is the creation of educational videos or tutorials that provide solutions to specific problems.

10. Website Advertising Through Google AdWords: Create ads on the Google platform

Aside from Facebook Marketing and if you can spend some money to get more traffic online, Google's platform is a great opportunity to get started. You can instantly rank high in keywords for keywords that interest you and quickly bring visitors to your website who will turn into customers of your business.

Google AdWords is an important tool today in the hands of every advertiser, not only for the possibility to promote services and products on the Internet, but also because it provides many statistics and data. Through the AdWords advertising platform, you can get information about the keywords that are most relevant to your audience, as well as the categories of products and services that are of the highest interest.

The Google AdWords, if used properly and in an orderly way, can be a rare tool for any advertiser to determine future steps in Internet marketing and the value of their company's future budget allocation to the lead.

11. Infographics: Creating Infographics

Infographics are a great way to visualize information and statistics around a topic.

This is why people love infographics and share their content on the internet to a much greater extent than simple articles or images.

You can create an infographic around a topic related to your business, which will provide useful information in the most attractive way. Then spread the infographic on related blogs and websites to make it as viral as possible and drive more traffic to your website.

12. Guest Blogging: Increase traffic through commenting on related blogs

Most blogs usually give you the opportunity to leave a comment with your thoughts on the particular article you just read. This allows you to find blogs that deal entirely with topics related to your business and create a kind of interaction with them.

Comment on blogs or websites that have high traffic and are followed by a wide audience that has similar interests to your subject. You can comment on a blog by leaving a link from your article to it, so that you can enter the radar not only of the specific blogger but also of the audience that follows the same blog.

13. Link Building: Increase website traffic by creating Backlinks

We have already mentioned that creating Backlinks is a necessary method to increase the SEO of your website. The quality and number of backlinks that your website earns is one of the most basic criteria for ranking in Google and will give you a significant boost in the effort to overcome the competition in the rankings of organic results.

But how do you create backlinks to your website?

There are many ways to create backlinks and they will be discussed separately in a future article. Until then, you can always keep in mind the following three steps to gaining valuable backlinks:
  • Create something useful for the audience around a specific topic (it can be an article, a video or an infographic etc.)
  • Reach other websites that have posted similar content
  • Suggest your own content as an extra source of information on this topic
This technique aims to increase the rankings of your website through the acquisition of Backlinks.

14. Creation Of Competitions: Create online contests to attract new audiences

If you offer something for free through your website and in the form of a contest, you can increase your social media exposure and gain new followers and a larger audience.

So create specific contests and motivate users to share on Facebook or Twitter in order to participate or leave their email. This way you can increase the list of registered users in your emails or your audience on Social Media and therefore promote your products and services in the future.

15. Remarketing: Return your ad

The term Remarketing may not tell you much. In our future article, there will be a full analysis of the term Remarketing and the ways you can use Remarketing to increase your online sales.

So to understand the meaning of Remarketing, you have definitely noticed that many times you are followed on the internet by ads from websites that you have visited.

This is exactly what Remarketing is all about: an extremely effective way to bring back to your website people who have already visited it once by re-transmitting your advertising message to them. The reason it is appropriate to do so is that people, according to statistics, need to receive an average of at least 8 times the same message before buying a product.

Remarketing, therefore, helps to replicate the message and therefore to remind the general public of the existence of your business. You can remind your visitors to complete a purchase they left in the middle, or even let them know about a new article or new offer you make during a discount period.

The more "exposed" they are to you and your brand, the more likely they are to buy and recognize your online business in the future.


So you can start today to apply some of the above techniques that will help you increase the traffic of your website and focus on those that are most effective for your case.

There are certainly many more ways to increase website traffic. By starting to experiment with each of the above methods you will find new unique opportunities to gain an audience on the Internet and then be able to promote your products and services in an even more effective way.

If you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.